The Lego Movie Sequel (2019)

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The plot is unknown at this time.

Toilet - Ek Prem Katha (2017)

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The movie is about PM Narendra Modi's 'Swacha Bharat Abhijan'. Its a comedy genre film based on the unhygienic condition in rural areas of India.

Replicas (2017)

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A scientist becomes obsessed with bringing back his family members who died in a traffic accident.

You, Me and Him (2017)

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In You, Me and Him we meet lesbian couple Olivia and Alex (Lucy Punch, Faye Marsay) who, despite their age difference...

Looking for Alaska (2017)

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A new arrival at a boarding school falls in love with a beguiling female student.

White Boy Rick (2018)

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The story of teenager, Richard Wershe Jr., who became an undercover informant for the police during the 1980s and was ultimately arrested for drug-trafficking and sentenced to life in prison.

The Recall (2017)

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When five friends vacation at a remote lake house they expect nothing less than a good time, unaware that planet Earth is under an alien invasion and mass-abduction.

Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan 2 (2017)

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Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions (2017)

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Yugi and Kaiba have a special duel that transcends dimensions.

My Ex and Whys (2017)

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The film follows the story of Cali, a blogger who owns the up and coming blog, "The Bakit List," and her ex Gio who will return to her life unexpectedly and surprisingly after breaking her heart.

I'm Drunk, I Love You (2017)

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Days before graduation, two college best friends go on one last road trip where they settle how they really feel for each other. But to put it upfront, this is not a love story.

Everything, Everything (2017)

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A teenager who's lived a sheltered life because she's allergic to everything, falls for the boy who moves in next door.

Underverden (2017)

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A successful doctor loses his little brother in a gang related assault and gives up his privileged life to become a masked warrior that can revenge his brother's death.

Infidelity in Suburbia (2017)

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With her husband away at work, and her son at school, Laura dreams of a home-renovation project to supplant her restless days. Elliott, her irresistibly hot private contractor, soon fulfills her more forbidden dreams.

Liberty's Secret (2016)

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The squeaky-clean daughter of a "family values" preacher becomes a national political sensation and falls in love with her spin doctor -- another woman.

Life (2017)

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An international space crew discovers life on Mars.

Daydream Hotel (2017)

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DAYDREAM HOTEL - The first movie to be filmed on location at world-famous Hotel del Coronado in California since Marilyn Monroe shot Some Like It Hot there in 1958 and Peter O'Toole made The Stuntman in 1980.

The Pact (2018)

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Three fathers try to stop their daughters from having sex on Prom night.

Blood, Sand and Gold (2017)

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When an archaeologist discovers Sir Francis Drake's lost treasure in the Sahara Desert, it is promptly stolen and she sets off on a global quest to steal it back.

Fabricated City (2017)

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A gamer named Kwon yoo (Ji Chang wook) is unemployed, but in the virtual world he is a leader. Kwon yoo is then framed for murder. With the help of his gaming buddies they try to uncover the truth about this murder case.

Shannon Matthews: What Happened Next (2017)

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The disappearance of schoolgirl Shannon Matthews first gripped then appalled Britain. This documentary examines her kidnapping and why people close to the case believe the police should reopen their investigation.

Lu Over the Wall (2017)

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The story centers on Kai, a gloomy middle school student whose life changes after meeting Lu, a mermaid.

Bokeh (2017)

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On a romantic getaway to Iceland, a young American couple wake up one morning to discover every person on earth has disappeared...

Giantess Attack (2017)

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Tasha Tacosa,Rachel Riley,Christine Nguyen,Jed Rowen,Robert Rhine,